Comprehensive Email Solutions

At LawyerEdge™, we know that effective communication is the key to operating a successful practice and maintaining good client relationships. That is why we offer comprehensive email solutions that provide reliable email services which can be accessed and updated from your office, home computer, or cell phone. Our email hosting solutions provide your firm with the tools and support necessary to easily set up your email, expediently manage your accounts, and effectively communicate with clients and colleagues.

LawyerEdge™ provides a full range of comprehensive and efficient email hosting solutions to our clients. We equip you with the tools and support necessary to successfully set up your email accounts and manage them with ease. You can depend on reliable communication with your clients, as well as shared calendars and other interactive features with the attorneys and staff in your firm. No matter what your email hosting needs, LawyerEdge™ has a solution that is right for your firm.

Comprehensive Email SolutionsWith LawyerEdge™ Email Solutions, You Can:

  • Access email through any standard email provider through POP3 and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol);
  • Access email remotely through a password-protected Web interface, such as Webmail;
  • Maintain full control of email accounts for your domain name;
  • Access and manage email from multiple computers;
  • Access and synchronize your inbox, sent mail, and deleted items from your home computer or cell phone;
  • Receive email from potential clients through a confidential case submission form on your Web site.

Contact our sales department to develop a Web solutions package that suits the unique needs of your law firm.

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