GUARANTEED* Search Engine Results

Search Engine OptimizationMany of our clients come to us after having been burned by other search engine marketing companies who promised high search engine rankings, but did not deliver. At LawyerEdge™, however, we are so confident in our Search Engine Marketing techniques that we offer GUARANTEED* top ten search engine results to our clients – that means you are GUARANTEED* to appear on the first page of results in the major search engines for the specific keywords and phrases you choose. Fees include a one-time initial optimization fee and a performance-based monthly fee to maintain rankings. You will only be charged a monthly fee when top ten results are achieved. That means that you pay no monthly fee unless your site is ranking among the top ten results on the major search engines. The amount of the fees charged once your site achieves the desired ranking will depend on the competitiveness of your chosen keywords within your geographic area.

Search Engine OptimizationOnce setting up an account, LawyerEdge™ conducts a keyword consultation session to determine the keywords and phrases most relevant to your areas of practice in your geographical location. In this meeting, we offer advice, based on the research of our attorney marketing specialists, on the words or phrase users are likely to type in to search engines to find legal services in your area. We will then draft our GUARANTEE* Agreement based on the keywords you choose. You will be paying a fee per top-ten ranking until the maximum monthly fee is reached. If there are no results in top ten, you pay no monthly fees. Our GUARANTEED* optimization agreements are truly a risk-free way to ensure your Web site achieves the ranking you desire. Contact a sales representative today to discuss how a LawyerEdge™ GUARANTEE* package can help enhance your firm's Web presence.

GUARANTEED Top 10 Google Search Results - Or You Don't Pay.

*GUARANTEE - Each optimization client will be given a guarantee on a case-by-case basis. All guarantees will be stated in an agreement signed between the client and LawyerEdge™. LawyerEdge™ does not guarantee any other results other than what is stated in an agreement signed by LawyerEdge™.