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Comprehensive Web solutions that work.

LawyerEdge™ offers comprehensive Web solutions and targeted online marketing services to large firms and sole practitioners alike. In today's competitive marketplace, a strong Web presence – one that is visible to prospective clients – is essential to a law firm's online success. A successful Web site is one that converts potential clients into actual clients. By providing innovative Web design services, compelling original content, and effective online marketing, LawyerEdge™ can create a strong Web presence that gets results for your firm. LawyerEdge's comprehensive online lawyer marketing solutions offer a wide range of services, including professional Web site design and development, customized content services, search engine optimization, online advertising and marketing, and e-mail hosting solutions.

Professional Web Site Design

Professional Web Site Design and DevelopmentA professionally designed Web site is the key to making the desired first impression on prospective clients. A well designed Web site accurately reflects your firm's professional image and unique personality, while allowing for easy navigation and quick information retrieval. At LawyerEdge™, we know that a successful Web site will convert visitors into clients by keeping clients on your site. Statistics show that visitors who don't find the information they are seeking within a few seconds will navigate away from your site. Therefore, an essential part of successful Web site design is to anticipate the specific information potential clients will be seeking and to ensure that sought-after information is easy to locate on your site. In order to keep visitors on your Web site, and convert them into clients, the unique needs of your target client base must be considered at every phase of the design and development process. LEARN MORE

Personalized Videos

Personalized VideosYour firm's Web site has only a few seconds to capture the attention of visitors and prevent them from navigating away from your site. Although a professional, user-friendly design and relevant content can go a long way to encourage potential clients to stay on your site, there are limitations to what can be accomplished through text and images alone. The widespread popularity of YouTube and similar sites makes informative custom videos a powerful tool in setting your Web site apart from the rest. Personalized instructional or “how-to” videos convey important information to potential clients through a powerful and popular medium. When potential clients watch a personalized video, they get to know the attorneys at your firm on a personal level. LawyerEdge™ produces polished custom videos that inform clients about the legal services you provide while building the client's confidence in your firm. LEARN MORE

Live Chat Solutions

Lawyeredge Live Chat - Lawyer Website ChatLawyerEdge™ Live Chat solutions allow your firm to offer real-time customer support to potential and existing clients as they are browsing your website – from either your desktop or your mobile phone. LawyerEdge™ Live Chat can help your law firm stand out from the crowd and gain a distinct advantage over the competition by allowing you to personally connect with potential clients online, giving them the option of chatting live with an attorney who can answer their questions and address their concerns in real time. Our Live Chat solutions allow your firm to reach out to would-be clients on a personal level, helping you convert website visitors into new clients. LawyerEdge™ Live Chat also features an integrated real-time visitor monitoring system that enables you to instantaneously view and compile valuable information about visitors to your website – right from your mobile phone! LEARN MORE

Content Development

LawyerEdge provides original, practice-area specific content that not only conveys useful information to visitors, but also results in higher search engine rankings. Well-written, compelling content helps to prevent potential clients from navigating away from your site. In-depth legal content showcases your firm's areas of specialization, and regularly updated articles, newsletters, and legal headlines make the content on your site fresh and relevant to users. Our custom content editor allows you to add blog postings, update firm news, or edit attorney profiles on your Web site whenever you choose, providing you with a means of ensuring up-to-the-minute content. Personalized how-to videos allow your users to quickly access important information while getting to know your firm on a personal level. LEARN MORE

Custom Blogs

Custom BlogsA blog is an excellent means of setting your Web site apart from your competitors. Informative blog articles posted by attorneys in your firm help to establish your firm as an expert in your area of specialization while simultaneously improving your ranking in all of the major search engines. LawyerEdge™ custom blogs integrate seamlessly with your existing site - and if you can't find the time to post to your blog, our professional legal writers can post for you. Our content writing team creates compelling blog posts containing useful and engaging information on news articles, recently-decided cases, and prevailing schools of thought in your legal practice area. Daily, weekly, or monthly blog postings that provide useful, interesting information give visitors a reason to visit your site on a regular basis. LEARN MORE

Weekly & Quarterly NewslettersWeekly and Quarterly Newsletters

LawyerEdge™ custom content services include both a weekly and a quarterly custom newsletter option to all of our clients. To sign up for the newsletter, visitors to your site simply fill out a short form to provide their email address. The newsletter will then appear in their inbox regularly. Our weekly and quarterly newsletters contain recent news articles and insightful commentary on the specific legal topics that are relevant to your firm's areas of specialization. Newsletters are invaluable tools that help your firm keep in regular contact with current and former clients alike, making it more likely that they will keep you in mind when they are in need of legal services in the future. LEARN MORE

Regular Content Updates

Regularly updated content is crucial to achieving desired search engine rankings and keeping your site fresh and relevant to visitors. LawyerEdge™ ensures that the content on your site is updated on a regular basis by offering daily legal headlines, automatic product recall feeds, and regular content changes to reflect the latest legal research and most recent statistical reports. Providing regularly updated legal content that is relevant to users helps improve search engine rankings and encourages clients to return to your site on a regular basis. LEARN MORE

Interactive Online Editing

Interactive Online EditingWith our interactive online editing tool, you are in control of your content. LawyerEdge's comprehensive Web solutions include a robust editing tool that allows you to post to your blog, update firm news, upload images, or edit attorney profiles on your Web site whenever you choose. Our simple online editing tool gives you the capability to make up-to-the-minute content updates in just a few simple steps, giving you an advantage over your competitors. LEARN MORE

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

In today's competitive marketplace for legal services, effective search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are crucial to your Web site's success. When you search the Internet for products and services on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or other search engines, you typically won't click past the first page of results. Therefore, effective SEO and SEM are essential to making sure that your firm's Web site appears on the first page of search results when potential clients search for legal services in your practice area and your geographical location.

Search Engine Marketing SEMOur team of professional lawyer marketing specialists research the top keywords and phrases consumers use to search for legal services, then optimize your content using those keyword combinations. In fact, our lawyer marketing techniques have proven so successful, we offer GUARANTEED* top ten search engine results to our clients – that means you are GUARANTEED* to appear on the first page of results in the major search engines for the specific keywords and phrases you choose. LawyerEdge™ also offers continued optimization services as the top search engines update their algorithms on an ongoing basis. LEARN MORE

Increased Web Visibility

LawyerEdge™ takes a multi-faceted approach to online advertising with one goal in mind – converting your Web site's visitors into clients. Simply driving traffic to your Web site is not enough. You need an online marketing strategy that will attract those visitors that are likely to hire your firm to handle their legal matter. This is best accomplished through targeted search engine marketing.

LawyerEdge™ provides targeted online lawyer marketing by offering tailored marketing campaigns, including unique optimized content, on-site optimization, electronic newsletters, legal blog postings, and online directory submissions, among other strategies. In order to maintain high visibility in top search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, LawyerEdge's marketing strategies include ongoing advertising campaigns, weekly blogs and newsletters written on behalf of our clients, recurring optimization of target keywords and phrases, and continued submission of our clients' Web sites to various legal directories. The online lawyer marketing specialists at LawyerEdge™ take a proactive approach to increasing your site's Web visibility and strengthening your firm's online presence. LEARN MORE

Niche Marketing Solutions

Niche Marketing SolutionsWith our niche marketing solutions, LawyerEdge™ creates Web sites designed around each firm's area of legal specialization. When a potential client is searching for an attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents in your geographical area, for example, your firm's niche Web site for motorcycle accident injuries will appear at the top of the search engine results. A LawyerEdge™ niche marketing site features dynamic Web site design, custom content, and onsite search engine optimization that targets potential clients seeking your firm's particular area of specialization. LEARN MORE

Print Design Services

Print Marketing MaterialsLawyerEdge™ offers a full range of print design services, including brochures, trifolds, inserts, stationery, newsletters, and business cards. Our talented design team creates print marketing materials that integrate seamlessly with your Web site and other branded advertising. LawyerEdge™ provides custom-designed print marketing materials that showcase your firm's unique personality and professional reputation. Consistent design makes your firm's advertisements easily recognizable to past, current, and future clients. LEARN MORE

Comprehensive E-mail Solutions

LawyerEdge™ offers comprehensive email hosting solutions to all of our clients, providing you with the tools and support necessary to successfully set up your email accounts and to manage them with ease. You can depend on reliable communication with your clients, as well as shared calendars and other interactive features with the attorneys and staff in your firm. Our case submission feature allows potential clients to send email regarding their legal matter directly to your firm by simply filling out a confidential form on your Web site. LEARN MORE

Directory Network

Directory NetworkLawyerEdge™ offers a network of legal directories to help connect those seeking legal services to lawyers who specialize in the specific practice area sought. Our directory sites are prominently ranked on all of the major search engines for strategically chosen keywords. These top-level domain sites provide our clients with massive exposure on the Internet for their chosen specialties, and allow for an increased layer of traffic generation in addition to direct search engine positioning. LEARN MORE

Online Help Center

Online Help Center

LawyerEdge™ provides existing clients with an online help center, which offers step-by-step instructions on switching DNS records, setting up your email, retrieving email, remote email access, and using our interactive online content editor. These in-depth instructions will ensure a smooth, seamless transition of your Web site and email. With our help center, you can find answers to many questions with just the click of a mouse. LEARN MORE

Reliable Support ServicesReliable Support Services

LawyerEdge™ excels at providing professional Web solutions and effective online marketing strategies to law firms of all sizes specializing in every area of practice. At LawyerEdge™, we strive to build lasting relationships with law firms, continuing to provide cutting-edge services that are tailored to our clients' changing needs. That is why we offer user-friendly tools that allow clients to easily update Web site content, effectively communicate with clients and colleagues, and conveniently track their site's progress. LEARN MORE

LawyerEdge™ Can Design a Web Package that Is Right for You.

Regardless of the size of your firm or your areas of expertise, LawyerEdge™ offers a full range of Web solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs. Contact our sales team today to put together a package that is right for you. LawyerEdge's flexible online lawyer marketing packages will provide the Web solutions you need at a price you can afford.

*GUARANTEE - Each optimization client will be given a guarantee on a case-by-case basis. All guarantees will be stated in an agreement signed between the client and LawyerEdge™. LawyerEdge™ does not guarantee any other results other than what is stated in an agreement signed by LawyerEdge™.

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