Retrieving Email

Setting up and retrieving your email account(s) on your PC

Setting up your Email account(s) using Microsoft Outlook Express or Outlook.

In order for us to deliver you email and for you to receive it, two things have to occur. First, we need to have the email account established on our server so it can accept and send your email to and from the rest of the world. Second, you need to set up your computer to accept and send email to and from our server. Before you start anything on your PC, you need to do two things. First, you need to create this email account on our server (even if you've used it in the past). Follow the preceding link to create the account on our server before starting the set-up process on your PC. After you have set up a specific email account on our server (you need to set up each and every account that you will be using) then you can proceed to set up the account(s) on each PC that you wish. To set up an account on your PC, first call your Internet Service Provider (the company that gives you access to the Internet) and ask them if they have an "Outgoing SMTP server" that you need to use. Make a note of this for use in Step #5 below. Then follow these procedures:

1. Open Outlook Express or Outlook
Click on Tools then Click on Accounts

2. Click on Add then Mail

3. Type in Your Name then click Next. (the name you choose here will appear in the “From” area on every email you send)

4. Type in the Email Address you are adding (ex. and click Next.

5. Select your incoming mail server as a POP 3
In the incoming mail box, type in (ex.
In the outgoing mail box, you will be using either the mail server specified by your Internet Service Provider (if they require use of theirs as some ISP's do)or the same as in your Incoming mail POP3 setting (if your ISP allows use of ours).
DO NOT type in www or http before the domain name. Click Next.

6. In “account name” type in your full email address (
In "Password" type in your Password (if you did not specify a password when creating the account on our server, or have yet to reset your password, use the default password 'proweb'. You can go online to change your password on our server if you wish at any time).
Click Next. Click Finish.

Repeat every step for each different email address to be added (you can add as many as you wish, but remember that you must first create the account on our server, even if you have used it before. Click the preceding link to create the account on our server.

You can add any email account to as many computers as you wish using these steps.

To retrieve mail, open Outlook Express (or Outlook if you performed setup there) and click “Inbox.”

You will find within a few days that Outlook Express (or Outlook) is an excellent email program that can be configured exactly how you want it.

Please navigate the options in the program to set parameters for your mail, as well as signatures, address books, and other convenient features. Please note that we do not provide Microsoft Outlook Support. There is a robust Help menu built into these programs which can instruct you on their numerous features. Additional support may be obtained by contacting Microsoft or your hardware vendor.