Switching Your DNS Settings

If you are ready for us to publish your Web site "live" to the Internet using your own domain name (click here if you do not yet own a domain name), then you must have the Domain Name System (DNS) setting associated with your domain name "pointed" to our server. This is the only step in the process that we cannot do for you, since we do not own your domain name and there are security measures in place to prevent strangers from changing your domain name's DNS settings.

To understand what a DNS setting means, think of your telephone. Your telephone rings when your phone number is dialed because within the phone company's circuitry certain settings exist which "tell" all the phone lines around the world to find your number at your telephone. Think of a DNS setting the same way. Your DNS settings are settings associated with your domain name that tell the rest of the world's switches and routers to find your Web site on our server. Once you point your DNS settings to our server, your site will be live on the Internet.

To change your DNS settings you must contact the Registrar for your domain name. The Registrar is the company that is licensed to procure domain names and which happened to procure your domain name. There are several Registrars, and most sites are in the grasp of one of these companies. Usually it is Register.com, NetworkSolutions.com, or GoDaddy.com. Whererever you registered your domain name, that is where you need to go to do this. When you contact your Registrar, you will want to either contact your provider or login through their Web site to change the two items listed below.

DNS Settings


While you have them on the phone (or are logged on), please change the Technical and/or Administrative Contact for your domain name(s) to:

Martin Diamond
8151 E. Evans, Suite 2
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

After making this change, please notify us via email at support@lawyeredge.com, making sure to advise us of the exact domain name for which you re-pointed DNS, and allow up to 72 hours for the changes to be implemented to allow your Web site to be live to the Internet. There is no way to shorten this timeframe. Please also note that you can repeat this process for multiple domain names.