Regular Content Updates

It is no secret that up-to-date information drives the Internet. Regularly updated content is crucial to achieving desired search engine rankings and keeping your site fresh and relevant to visitors. LawyerEdge™ ensures that the content on your site is updated on a regular basis by offering daily legal headlines, automatic product recall feeds, and regular content changes to reflect the latest legal research and most recent statistical reports. Providing regularly updated legal content that is relevant to users helps improve search engine rankings and encourages clients to return to your site on a regular basis. Research shows that repeat visitors spend more time on your Web site and are more likely to contact you regarding the legal services you offer.

Daily Legal Headlines and Automatic Product Recall Notices

Daily Legal Headlines

LawyerEdge™ provides current legal headlines specific to your firm's areas of practice that are updated on a daily basis. Daily headlines assure new visitors that the content on your site is fresh and encourage them to come back often. Practice-area specific headlines help visitors keep abreast of current cases and developments in the law without ever leaving your site.

Automatic Product Recall Notices

LawyerEdge™ updates current consumer product recall notices and product safety alerts, which automatically appear on your site in a continual feed, integrating seamlessly with existing content. Visitors to your site can view all of the Consumer Product Safety Commission's latest product recalls and consumer safety alerts without having to navigate away from your site. Updated consumer product recall information will drive more repeat visitors to your site and increase the likelihood that they will contact you to handle their legal matter.

Regular Content Updates

At LawyerEdge™, we know that nothing is more frustrating to Web site visitors than outdated information and broken links. That is why we employ a staff of professional legal writers that updates your legal content on a regular basis to ensure that the facts, laws, statistics, charts, graphs, and links that appear on your site are always current. LawyerEdge™ is committed to providing legal professionals with up-to-date legal information that is fresh and relevant to their target client base.