Professional Web Site Design

Professional Web site design is crucial to making the desired first impression on prospective clients who visit your site. A well-designed Web site will showcase your firm's philosophy, accomplishments, and legal expertise and entice potential clients to hire your firm to handle their legal matter. A unique, attractive design is only the first step to building a successful Web site, however. Your firm's Web site should combine innovative design with a user-friendly interface that allows potential clients to easily navigate your site and locate the information they need quickly. At LawyerEdge™, we know that a successful Web site is one that converts visitors into clients. That is why we anticipate the needs of your target client base at every stage of the design and development process. A well-designed Web site should do all of the following:

Reflect Your Firm's Unique Image

At LawyerEdge™, we know that every law firm is different. Your Web site should communicate to potential clients the unique characteristics that set your firm apart from the rest. The attorney marketing experts at LawyerEdge™ strive to design and develop each Web site to reflect the distinctive image of the law firm it represents. Through the use of splash pages, flash, rolling text, images, colors, content, and structural features, we create Web sites that capture each firm's unique character. Your Web site will showcase your firm's philosophy, areas of expertise, legal accomplishments, and community involvement in a way that captures the attention of potential clients and encourages them to learn more about your firm.

Professional Web Site Design

Professional Web Site DesignCommunicate a Feeling of Trust

When searching for an attorney, a prospective client is not looking for the law firm with the flashiest Web site or the latest design technology. Rather, they are seeking a professional who is trustworthy and experienced enough to help them with serious personal matters. LawyerEdge™ employs several effective tools to engender a feeling of trust in potential clients who visit your site:

  • Images – Your site should include photos of your office, attorneys, and staff in order to give visitors a visual representation of your firm.

  • Attorney bios – A well-written bio not only lets clients know that you have the education and experience to handle their case, but also conveys a sense of your personality, principles, and values.

  • Custom videos – When potential clients watch a personalized video, they get to know the attorneys at your firm on a personal level, instilling in them a sense of trust.

  • A record of results – There is no better way to convince a potential client that your firm is experienced enough to handle their case than to show them a track record of results. Past verdicts and settlements, client testimonials, and news articles about your firm's accomplishments let prospective clients know that your firm is established, reliable, and trustworthy.

  • Blog – A blog is a powerful marketing tool that can establish your firm as an expert in your area of practice and add a touch of personal flair to your Web site.

Personalizing your Web site can go a long way to winning potential clients' trust and encouraging them to contact your firm to handle their private legal matter.

Professional Web Site Design

Provide Informative Content in an Easy-to-Navigate Framework

The most successful legal marketing sites convey useful information that is easy to find. Prospective clients won't spend more than a few seconds searching for information before giving up and leaving your site. Therefore, an essential part of Web site design is to anticipate the specific information potential clients will be seeking and to ensure that sought-after information is easy to locate on your site. At the very least, visitors should be able to quickly ascertain your areas of expertise, attorney profiles, and contact information.

Sites that are easy to navigate allow users to quickly ascertain from every page of your site where they can go next, where they are now, and where they have already been. Our expert designers create easy-to-navigate Web sites using features such as:

  • Cascading menus - Cascading menus allow users to see submenu item without having to navigate away from the page they are currently on.

  • On-site search - Including an on-site search feature allows visitors to quickly search your site for the specific information they are seeking.

  • Streaming audio - Visitors who are visually impaired can listen to the information on your site through streaming audio.

  • Sitemap - A sitemap allows users to see all of the information on your site in one convenient sorted list.

In addition, every page of your Web site should include content that conveys to potential clients why they should hire your firm to handle their legal matter. LawyerEdge™ offers dynamic Scottsdale website design solutions that are certain to meet the unique needs of your firm. Contact a sales representative today to develop a Web solutions package that fulfills your online marketing goals.