Why Choose LawyerEdge™?

LawyerEdge™ has proven itself an industry leader in innovative Web site design, optimized custom content services, and effective online lawyer marketing strategies for law firms of all sizes and practice areas. Our comprehensive Web solutions help our clients build the strong Web presence that is necessary for success in today's competitive Internet marketplace. The first step to effective Web solutions is creating a professionally designed Web site that makes the desired first impression on potential clients. The next step is getting your customized app developed and launched. Your app will be linked to your website and your current social media campaign. The online marketing solutions provided by LawyerEdge™ will help ensure that prospective clients in need of legal services find your site. The final step is keeping prospective clients on your site once they get there. Our custom content services prevent potential clients from navigating away from your site by providing them with useful information that allows them to learn about the law and encourages them to choose your firm to represent their legal needs. Read more about our company >

Professional Design Services – Making the Desired First Impression.

Professional Design Services - Making the Desired First ImpressionWith over 70% of Americans now using the internet, a professional Web presence has become an expectation for law firms of all sizes. At LawyerEdge™, we deliver comprehensive, client-interactive Web sites that exceed those expectations. Your firm only has one chance to make a good first impression on prospective clients that visit your site. Our Web site design services can help your firm present a polished, professional image to future clients. LawyerEdge™ Web sites are easy to navigate and designed with the needs of your target client base in mind.

The design team at LawyerEdge™ excels at creating unique, eye-catching, user-friendly Web interfaces for any type of practice. Employing advanced graphic design techniques and drawing on a wealth of artistic creativity, our designers will work closely with your firm to portray a visual environment tailored to your firm's practice and reputation. LawyerEdge™ has the creativity and expertise to ensure that your Web site makes the right first impression on future clients.


Proven Marketing Solutions – Getting Your Site Noticed.  

The marketing team at LawyerEdge™ works to ensure that your Web site will get noticed by placing your site on the first page of search engine results. We employ a vast array of online marketing and optimization tools that will get your site ranked in the search engines for your practice area in your geographic region. By researching the key words prospective clients will be using to search for legal services in your area and by using our proven marketing strategies, our team of online marketing experts will work to make sure your site appears in relevant search engine results.

In fact, we are so confident our lawyer marketing solutions will work for you, LawyerEdge™ offers optimization with GUARANTEED* top ten results in the major search engines for the specific keywords and keyphrases you choose. Our proven techniques follow all search engine guidelines to assure our clients get the best possible rankings, without violating any search engine policies that can prevent your site from being indexed. Contact our sales team today to learn how our search engine GUARANTEE* can help your site get noticed by potential clients.


Customized Content Development – Keeping Clients on Your Site.

After clients have found your firm's Web site and you've made the desired first impression, the next objective is to keep potential clients from navigating away from your site. This is best accomplished through well-written and informative content. LawyerEdge™ provides custom, practice area-specific content that conveys useful information to potential clients within an easy-to-navigate framework. Our team of legal writers works closely with each client to ensure we are creating unique content that is tailored to each firm's practice and optimized to generate top search engine results.

Customized Content Development - Keeping Clients on Your SiteThe in-house staff of experienced legal writers at LawyerEdge™ will prepare original content that provides useful information to potential clients. We will then perform ongoing content updates that ensure the information on your Web site is always fresh and relevant. Our customized content services are designed to keep clients on your site by providing the relevant, useful legal information they are seeking. The longer prospective clients spend on your Web site, the greater the likelihood that that they will contact you to handle their legal matter.

*GUARANTEE - Each optimization client will be given a guarantee on a case-by-case basis. All guarantees will be stated in an agreement signed between the client and LawyerEdge™. LawyerEdge™ does not guarantee any other results other than what is stated in an agreement signed by LawyerEdge™.